Top 10 Vegetarian Models 2019

When you think of athletes, you regularly think heaps and heaps of meat – they use to fuel all that muscle. There has for quite some time been a stigma attached that devouring a vegetarian diet increases the danger of protein deficiency. However, meat is in no way, shape or form the main route for athletes to fuse protein into his or her body. Truth is told; a few nutritionists contend that a plant-based eating routine can offer competitors all the essential protein and starches without such a high dosage of cholesterol and immersed fats. Below is the list of all the vegan athletes that will blow your mind.

1. Yolanda Presswood

Yolanda Presswood is a powerlifter. Initially focused in the bikini and wellness categories of lifting weights, Yolanda began contending in Cross fit in November 2014 and afterward moved to powerlifting in October 2016, with her first rivalry in December of that year.This super fit powerlifter as of late broke records for her squat, an amazing 128kg (283lb) AND her Bench Press, 62.5kg (137lb)! Yolanda has been completely vegetarian since 2017. However, this has done anything besides make her the basic misguided judgment of ‘frail and gaunt’ – truth be told, she’s genuinely a plant-based powerhouse.