Top 10 Science Experiments To Try At Home

If you have some time to spare at home, you can carry out this experiment at your home together with your family. The following is the list of the most interesting experiments that are currently exciting a lot of people. Most people are trying out these experiments and they span across various disciplines such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Earth sciences.

1. Making Slime

This falls in the category of plastic science. You will need water, spoons, PVA glue, Borax Powder and food coloring. Mix a tablespoon of Borax powder with about 75 ml of water and stir to dissolve. Mix a tablespoon of PVA glue with a small amount of water and the food color. Then combine the borax solution of glue mixture and stir. This will turn to slime which is a Non-Newton Fluid. Slime is something fun to play with and you can test different ratio and color to get different types of slime.