Top 10 Private Jets And Their Insane Worth

Air travel is increasingly becoming popular nowadays. A lot of individuals and businessmen and women need a faster means of transport to get to their destination fast. The increase in this number has also lead to other negative things such as flight delays, cancellations, security checks, and others. This inconveniences those people who need to move from one place to another within the minimal time possible.
This is the reason why people have begun buying their own private jets to avoid such delays. It’s an expensive asset that only a few people in this world can afford. The following is a list of top 10 private jets in the world.

1. Boeing 747 Refit

This is the top and the most expensive private jet as of now. It is worth about $617 million and is owned by an anonymous billionaire. We all know the Boing 747 but this one has been revised to accommodate the most classic inexpensive items. It comes complete with bedrooms, lounge, onboard restaurant, and other amenities. The cost of converting this Bound 747 to a luxury home is said to have cost the owner about $600 million.