Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In The World

With the global increase in demand for drugs, pharmaceutical companies have a huge responsibility to keep up with this trend. It is estimated that the global pharmaceutical industry will rise to about 1.43 Trillion by the year 2020 this is from current 1.11 Trillion. Day and night, these companies work tirelessly to make sure that they create the cutting edge treatments to patients around the world. Below is a list of the top ten global pharmaceutical companies according to their revenue.

1. Pfizer

This is the world largest pharmaceutical company. Pfizer is a giant company located in Connecticut USA which is the headquarters. This is a research-based pharmaceutical company which has a huge portfolio on areas such as oncology, neurosciences, immunology, and rare diseases. This is a company that has a great reputation because it has been awarded 10 FDA approvals. This approval is for best selling products which have been protecting many patients for years. In Terms of revenue, Pfizer had about $52.54 billion dollars.