Top 10 Best Historical SUVs You Should Own

SUVs are very popular nowadays and there are several SUVs from different car manufacturers. Earlier on, there were few SUVs and if you happened to own an SUV, you would be highly respected. These sport utility cars were rugged and capable machines that would go to every terrain without any issue.
SUVs allow people to explore wilderness where salon car would not be able to go. The following are the top 10 classic SUVs that you should own.

1. Jeep CJ-5

This is the longest-running models in Jeep’s history. It dates back to 1954. This SUV was used during the Korean War by Kaiser. CJ-5 ranked as the most influential car and this is what started the SUV craze. Many driving enthusiasts prefer this car for their leisure driving. In 1970 there was the production of Renegade 1 followed Renegade 2 in 1983. These sets of production came with their own production number.