The World’s Top 10 Horse Breeds That Everyone Admires To Have

There are several horse breeds in the world. Some of these breeds have continuously become the favorite among most people. Did you know that there is a breed for every purpose, color, shape, and size? In this article, we are going to give a list of the 10 most popular breeds in the world.

1. Arabian Horse

This is the most favorite horse for most people in the world. It originated from Arabian Peninsula, the breed has a distinctive head shape and proud tail carriage. The Arabian horse is said to be one of the oldest horse breeds in the world with archeological evidence suggesting that it dates back to 4500 years. It is also known for its endurance. Nowadays, Arabian horses are used in many ways such as saddle seat, dressage and western. The horse weighs around 850 – 1000 pounds with a highest of 57 – 61 inches.